China Internet Investment Report

Morgan Stanley analyst Grace Chen (Grace Chen) pointed out in the report, “Tencent in January this year in WeChat launched a small program function. This feature can not only retain the user, and can achieve monetization. Tencent radical mergers and acquisitions The strategy helped the company expand its footprint in the world, and the fast-growing payment business helped expand the company’s product line. ”

“Alibaba Group has been through the rich Taobao application of social function to increase user stickiness, through positioning technology to increase the ability to monetize, and focus on globalization and cloud business.” She said. “Ctrip is our long-term preferred stock in the field of online vertical, because the company has a dominant advantage in the fast-growing industry, and Ctrip has been aggressively expanding overseas. At the end of 2016, the company acquired the UK Air ticket price website Skyscanner, and two US travel sites through which the total contribution from Ctrip has grown from the international market.

“Street live and short video service, to promote the overall user participation, participation time and user retention and many other data, but also to the level of the monetization of the platform has been improved.We expect the street will get the live business of a strong cash The flow is used to expand the user base and develop new products to further drive the company’s long-term monetization level, “says Grace Chen. “Jingdong is more prominent because the company has the potential to improve profitability in the split loss of Jingdong Finance, we expect this will give Jingdong a positive impact on earnings.

The next 10 years is the era of new retail

At the end of 2016, Ali’s subsidiary to 21.5 billion acquisition of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, the supermarket chain Sanjiang shopping 32% of the shares. In addition, Ali is still in 2009 to 692 million US dollars holding 28% of the shares, becoming the largest shareholder of Intime. In January of this year, Ali and Intime founder Shen Guojun announced that it would pay up to HK $ 19.8 billion ($ 2.6 billion) to privatize Intime. And earlier, Ali nearly 28.3 billion investment to become Suning two shareholders.

Ali is also online to shout 5 km within half an hour served fresh chain “box Ma fresh” investment of 150 million US dollars. Box Ma fresh founder Hou Yi said earlier that in the end of March this year in Beijing at the same time opened three stores, after its stores are opened in Shanghai.

In fact, the purchase frequency is high, remote Okura shopping experience poor business super has become the main battlefield of new retail. With the Lynx supermarkets have to be in three years to become the first online and offline supermarkets Jingdong, after the addition to 4.3 billion shares of Wing Fai supermarket to get its 10% of the shares, but also through the acquisition of No. 1 store assets and foreign retail giant Wal-Mart To cooperate. Jingdong previous announcement shows that Wal-Mart has also become its third largest shareholder.

In addition, Jingdong is also under the line layout called “Beijing election space” of the store. February 23, Jingdong side of the “China Times” reporter said, Jingdong Jing selected space shop is Jingdong to explore the new retail model, the joint Wing Fai to build the shop under the shop, now in Beijing, Chongqing, opened a test store The But the project is currently in the trial operation stage, on the number of stores, companies and other aspects of the data temporarily disclosed.

China ‘s E – commerce Rankings in 2016

Over the past two years, China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions showed a steady growth trend, which, in 2016 the relevant state departments for cross-border electricity business launched a series of New Deal. After the introduction of the New Deal, the extension of the cross-border electricity business retail import regulatory model of the transition period, so that not only can maintain the national tax policy and laws and regulations in the implementation process of unity, but also as much as possible to reduce the loss of national import duties.

Consecutive construction applies to any industry. For cross-border electricity business, the past has been in a “brutal growth” state, personal “sea Amoy” purchasing behavior can only leave a series of security risks in the consumer, and the introduction of the New Deal, And the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, to speed up the pace of China’s e-commerce to the world.

2016 can also be called e-commerce two-dimensional code payment year. In this year, mobile payment is rapidly becoming popular, whether it is online e-commerce or offline business stores, almost all users can feel the convenience of two-dimensional code scanning to pay, and this new way of trading in addition to Convenient, safe, but also can reduce the flow of paper money for the cause of environmental protection to contribute.

Dimensional code payment upgrade to normal, the e-commerce capital flow and logistics also ushered in a new round of development. From a few brand logistics companies, Yuantong listed, the market value of 2016 nearly 100 billion yuan; SF, Shen Tong, rhyme and other logistics predators are also planning listing matters; holding their own logistics Jingdong also began a limited service brand Management. There are indications that in the e-commerce industry at the same time, its leading peripheral industries are also flourishing.

Chinese fresh food e-commerce in 2016

Although the current online fresh purchase penetration is still low, cold chain logistics infrastructure is not perfect, taking into account the characteristics of fresh product category, so far, the line channel is still the main battlefield of retailers competition. But riding the development of online shopping Dongfeng, domestic consumers will increasingly tend to online to buy fresh products. The survey shows that in 2016, the overall turnover of domestic fresh electricity business about 90 billion yuan, 50 billion yuan in 2015 increased by 80%, is expected in 2017 the overall market size can reach 150 billion yuan. Coupled with the popularity of the new retail model, the future development trend of online fresh market can not be overlooked. So, the Internet + fresh market still has a vast mining resources, but the first need to address is the cold chain logistics construction and product standardization of the unified.

Although a batch of enterprises fell one after another, but the market size of fresh electricity business has increased year by year. Cold chain logistics and fresh electricity business inseparable close relationship, but also determines the cold chain construction in the development of fresh power on the road on the status. In the past 2016, on the fatal business market fatal problems, all eyes will be gathered in the “last mile” cold chain system construction. Based on the most basic fresh nature of fresh products, come to the “cold chain were the world” truth.

The rapid momentum of fresh fruit fresh, is the first batch of cold chain logistics began to invest in the construction of electricity business platform. Of course, including Shun Feng preferred, daily excellent fresh, Tuotuo workers and a series of fresh electricity business also have their own cold chain logistics. When the problem occurs, not to ignore and escape, but a positive response is the enterprise to survive and walk in the forefront of the effective path. “The last mile” distribution problems if you can get a comprehensive solution, will become a real start of fresh electricity business. Followed by the product is how to achieve the problem of standardized distribution.

The dispute of Logistics model

Lynx recently in the logistics aspects of the new initiatives, users search for keywords in the search, the filter added the “up / up to the next day” service options. Buyers only need to log in “mobile phone Taobao client”, “days cat mobile phone client” and “Taobao PC side”, in the search box to enter the keyword you want to buy, large data algorithm will be based on time, default shipping address And goods and other information, in the search results with a “day up to” and “next day” logo of the goods. This service is provided by the rookie alliance.

Earlier comments that this move is directed at the Jingdong, Lynx to logistics dilution Jingdong market competitiveness. This is also the socialization of the logistics model of the rookie alliance and self-logistics Jingdong another positive contest.

According to the relevant data show that less than a year, the rookie Union and the next day reached the country has covered more than 1,000 districts and counties, had to help day cat supermarket to achieve the day to send the next day and open up the “scheduled to send” the new Mode, the logistics capacity of a full set of days in the cat, from the fundamental to enhance the days of the cat’s logistics and distribution capabilities to make up for its short logistics, but also optimize the user experience of the day cat.

The development of Apple Pay

Of course, CUP is a very energy of the original object of cooperation. According to the financial report, the 2016 Disney ticket sales estimate of up to 40 billion yuan, the park’s total consumption of 20 billion yuan, CUP can be an exclusive payment agreement, locked at least 24 billion yuan of the huge payment scene.

But never imagined, in December 2016 CUP promotion period, when the China UnionPay people into the Disneyland and found that every door in the shop are standing to pay treasure to push the staff, holding a two-dimensional code to attract visitors to use Alipay, the staff also Help to promote two-dimensional code to pay. “Very helpless, the store is not allowed to use Alipay logo, Alipay on the use of people.

UnionPay and Apple Pay lost together, far more than Disney such a big scene. February 2016, Apple Pay access Starbucks and other line stores, CUP NFC is considered to pay for the debut of the event. Starbucks nearly 2,500 stores support Apple Pay and “cloud flash”, then did not access other third parties to pay. However, less than a year, this exclusive position was paid by the WeChat to break, WeChat smooth access.

E-commerce has become the past

Alibaba announced in January this year plans to privatize the department store retail industry Intime. This is considered a beginning of Ma’s “new retail” attempt. However, in the United States across the Atlantic, Amazon is also out of the serious and careful step: from the online electricity business giants, to the line of retail new attempt.
Amazon is no longer just selling books, through many years of corporate acquisitions, technology research and development and other actions, Amazon has a book, electronic reading equipment (Kindle), music, video, cloud services, mobile phones, computers, robots , Voice recognition platform (Alexa) products within the diversification of business.

This kind of Amazon hug line, what happens when the chemical reaction, play what new tricks? AmazonGo and AmazonBooks are the new products under these conditions.

Top 20 Chinese e-commerce platforms in 2016

The second phase is the information, logistics, finance and other trading services to share the resources, such as looking for steel network in the completion of the construction of the platform after the integration of B2B, the B2B business community, Business, self-built warehousing, build independent logistics, tailor-made for small and medium enterprises to create financial services products; Branch through the core network is fully self-employed model to build IC product procurement platform for enterprises to provide better quality IC products and IC solution.

Want to create greater user value, but also need to let the logistics, capital flows in the platform precipitation. When the B2B business platform gathered information flow, logistics, capital flow, through the sharing of information exchange, logistics, related financial services, can improve the efficiency of commodity procurement, capital flow, reduce the cost of logistics and warehousing, optimize the B2B industry resources Configuration. Steel and silver business has a collection of products “any of your flowers”, prepaid products “to help you” and inventory products “with you”, compared to commercial banks to provide the popular financial products, this series of financial products is very Fit the steel supply and demand side of the real needs, with fast, flexible, low cost characteristics.

B2B business platform through the analysis of data, access to customer base of the purchase, procurement and other needs, can provide more and better services, enabling to small and medium enterprises. Alibaba in the field of B2B business to make a lot of exploration and try, including the formation of large data through the user portraits, to create a global SME credit system, through the ants financial services for the development of small and medium enterprises to provide financial support; Products, customer management, market judgments, transaction analysis and other multi-dimensional applications, business and buyers to achieve the data sharing for customers to create personalized, multi-dimensional service content.

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