Top 20 Chinese e-commerce platforms in 2016

The second phase is the information, logistics, finance and other trading services to share the resources, such as looking for steel network in the completion of the construction of the platform after the integration of B2B, the B2B business community, Business, self-built warehousing, build independent logistics, tailor-made for small and medium enterprises to create financial services products; Branch through the core network is fully self-employed model to build IC product procurement platform for enterprises to provide better quality IC products and IC solution.

Want to create greater user value, but also need to let the logistics, capital flows in the platform precipitation. When the B2B business platform gathered information flow, logistics, capital flow, through the sharing of information exchange, logistics, related financial services, can improve the efficiency of commodity procurement, capital flow, reduce the cost of logistics and warehousing, optimize the B2B industry resources Configuration. Steel and silver business has a collection of products “any of your flowers”, prepaid products “to help you” and inventory products “with you”, compared to commercial banks to provide the popular financial products, this series of financial products is very Fit the steel supply and demand side of the real needs, with fast, flexible, low cost characteristics.

B2B business platform through the analysis of data, access to customer base of the purchase, procurement and other needs, can provide more and better services, enabling to small and medium enterprises. Alibaba in the field of B2B business to make a lot of exploration and try, including the formation of large data through the user portraits, to create a global SME credit system, through the ants financial services for the development of small and medium enterprises to provide financial support; Products, customer management, market judgments, transaction analysis and other multi-dimensional applications, business and buyers to achieve the data sharing for customers to create personalized, multi-dimensional service content.

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