The development of Apple Pay

Of course, CUP is a very energy of the original object of cooperation. According to the financial report, the 2016 Disney ticket sales estimate of up to 40 billion yuan, the park’s total consumption of 20 billion yuan, CUP can be an exclusive payment agreement, locked at least 24 billion yuan of the huge payment scene.

But never imagined, in December 2016 CUP promotion period, when the China UnionPay people into the Disneyland and found that every door in the shop are standing to pay treasure to push the staff, holding a two-dimensional code to attract visitors to use Alipay, the staff also Help to promote two-dimensional code to pay. “Very helpless, the store is not allowed to use Alipay logo, Alipay on the use of people.

UnionPay and Apple Pay lost together, far more than Disney such a big scene. February 2016, Apple Pay access Starbucks and other line stores, CUP NFC is considered to pay for the debut of the event. Starbucks nearly 2,500 stores support Apple Pay and “cloud flash”, then did not access other third parties to pay. However, less than a year, this exclusive position was paid by the WeChat to break, WeChat smooth access.

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