The dispute of Logistics model

Lynx recently in the logistics aspects of the new initiatives, users search for keywords in the search, the filter added the “up / up to the next day” service options. Buyers only need to log in “mobile phone Taobao client”, “days cat mobile phone client” and “Taobao PC side”, in the search box to enter the keyword you want to buy, large data algorithm will be based on time, default shipping address And goods and other information, in the search results with a “day up to” and “next day” logo of the goods. This service is provided by the rookie alliance.

Earlier comments that this move is directed at the Jingdong, Lynx to logistics dilution Jingdong market competitiveness. This is also the socialization of the logistics model of the rookie alliance and self-logistics Jingdong another positive contest.

According to the relevant data show that less than a year, the rookie Union and the next day reached the country has covered more than 1,000 districts and counties, had to help day cat supermarket to achieve the day to send the next day and open up the “scheduled to send” the new Mode, the logistics capacity of a full set of days in the cat, from the fundamental to enhance the days of the cat’s logistics and distribution capabilities to make up for its short logistics, but also optimize the user experience of the day cat.

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