Chinese fresh food e-commerce in 2016

Although the current online fresh purchase penetration is still low, cold chain logistics infrastructure is not perfect, taking into account the characteristics of fresh product category, so far, the line channel is still the main battlefield of retailers competition. But riding the development of online shopping Dongfeng, domestic consumers will increasingly tend to online to buy fresh products. The survey shows that in 2016, the overall turnover of domestic fresh electricity business about 90 billion yuan, 50 billion yuan in 2015 increased by 80%, is expected in 2017 the overall market size can reach 150 billion yuan. Coupled with the popularity of the new retail model, the future development trend of online fresh market can not be overlooked. So, the Internet + fresh market still has a vast mining resources, but the first need to address is the cold chain logistics construction and product standardization of the unified.

Although a batch of enterprises fell one after another, but the market size of fresh electricity business has increased year by year. Cold chain logistics and fresh electricity business inseparable close relationship, but also determines the cold chain construction in the development of fresh power on the road on the status. In the past 2016, on the fatal business market fatal problems, all eyes will be gathered in the “last mile” cold chain system construction. Based on the most basic fresh nature of fresh products, come to the “cold chain were the world” truth.

The rapid momentum of fresh fruit fresh, is the first batch of cold chain logistics began to invest in the construction of electricity business platform. Of course, including Shun Feng preferred, daily excellent fresh, Tuotuo workers and a series of fresh electricity business also have their own cold chain logistics. When the problem occurs, not to ignore and escape, but a positive response is the enterprise to survive and walk in the forefront of the effective path. “The last mile” distribution problems if you can get a comprehensive solution, will become a real start of fresh electricity business. Followed by the product is how to achieve the problem of standardized distribution.

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