The next 10 years is the era of new retail

At the end of 2016, Ali’s subsidiary to 21.5 billion acquisition of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, the supermarket chain Sanjiang shopping 32% of the shares. In addition, Ali is still in 2009 to 692 million US dollars holding 28% of the shares, becoming the largest shareholder of Intime. In January of this year, Ali and Intime founder Shen Guojun announced that it would pay up to HK $ 19.8 billion ($ 2.6 billion) to privatize Intime. And earlier, Ali nearly 28.3 billion investment to become Suning two shareholders.

Ali is also online to shout 5 km within half an hour served fresh chain “box Ma fresh” investment of 150 million US dollars. Box Ma fresh founder Hou Yi said earlier that in the end of March this year in Beijing at the same time opened three stores, after its stores are opened in Shanghai.

In fact, the purchase frequency is high, remote Okura shopping experience poor business super has become the main battlefield of new retail. With the Lynx supermarkets have to be in three years to become the first online and offline supermarkets Jingdong, after the addition to 4.3 billion shares of Wing Fai supermarket to get its 10% of the shares, but also through the acquisition of No. 1 store assets and foreign retail giant Wal-Mart To cooperate. Jingdong previous announcement shows that Wal-Mart has also become its third largest shareholder.

In addition, Jingdong is also under the line layout called “Beijing election space” of the store. February 23, Jingdong side of the “China Times” reporter said, Jingdong Jing selected space shop is Jingdong to explore the new retail model, the joint Wing Fai to build the shop under the shop, now in Beijing, Chongqing, opened a test store The But the project is currently in the trial operation stage, on the number of stores, companies and other aspects of the data temporarily disclosed.

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